January 1, 2019 Cherie

This is a New Year and now is the time!!  Being Top Boudoir Photographers is the most fun we have ever had!! We doing alot more shoots in  Las Vegas in 2019!! Clients from Los Angeles come see us in Las Vegas…We love shooting there a lot so are spending more time there…!!!! For years many people came to Los Angeles from Las Vegas so now come to LV!!!! We are excited about the 2019 year and the idea of being in Vegas more!! We have a whole new shooting space and ideas for new and exciting #boudoirphotography that will blow your mind!!! It is a once in a lifetime experience or even as some of our clients do an every 5 year experience!!  Document yourself and your moving and changing time in life. It can be a very empowering and pampering thing to do for yourself. Husbands if you ever wanted to do something for your wife or your girl this is the ultimate gift and experience for her. #lasvegasboudoirphotographers #bestboudoirphotographers    Call direct in Las Vegas to: 725•777•3600  Please check out our Instagram page as well….https://www.instagram.com/boudoircafe


Boudoir is very personal
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