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Yvette Poole
Malibu, CA

I have done boudoir photos with numerous photographers but Cherie turned me into a center fold and my husband’s fantasy girl. (He uses one of MY photos as his screen saver on his iPhone). It was by pure luck that I found Cherie when I googled boudoir photos. She was the best “google” find I have EVER had. Most boudoir experiences i have had were quick and not very creative. Cherie and her husband Hedley made me feel extremely comfortable and sexy. They had amazing sets, lighting and were both taking pictures at the same time with numerous cameras. I felt like a super model! I had such a wonderful time with them that I thought if I have a few good photos it would be an added bonus. Their work was so amazing I was able to create a “museum quality” portfolio of photos for my husband’s birthday. Cherie creatively assisted me to present my husband with a very elegant black portfolio of sexy photos with “Happy Birthday, Baby. Your Fantasy Girl” engraved IN FRENCH on the first photo. I was so proud of the present that I presented to my husband on his birthday which we celebrated at Chateau Eze in the south of France. I not only consider Cherie one of the most amazing photographers I have ever worked with but I also consider she and Hedley as friends. I will be using Cheriefoto at two family events this summer and I am so excited for the amazing photos we will get to share as a family.

Liz Swanson
Natural Body Builder #1 2015 Winner

Wow wow wow!!! This was one of the best experiences ever!! Starting by getting pampered with their hair n make up artist by Virgina she was amazing…then Cherie and Hedley they are the most down to earth, sweetest and genuine people you will ever meet!!! I felt so comfortable and sexy with them. They had a vision for every shot they took they amazed me!! This is truly their vocation and you can see that through their pictures. If you want someone to capture your special moments or your dream photo shoot don’t think twice you must must must go with Cherie photography!!! I know for a fact that this was not my last photo shoot with them!!! 

Marketing and Social Media Guru

Cherie and Hedley really made this experience for me!
I came in wanting to do a shoot for myself to celebrate my personal goals being met; I lost some weight and changed my lifestyle and I wanted to do something special for my birthday which was also coming up.
I have never gotten professional pictures taken outside of picture day during grade school and maybe a family photo or two. So i’m novice model to say the very least.
They made me feel so beautiful and so confident that I forgot, very often that I was semi-nude. They were completely professional the entire time while still creating this comfortable atmosphere.
I came in with a vision of my own after corresponding with Cherie for some time and once I got there she wanted to make sure that all of my expectations were met, and they were.
I cannot wait until I have reached my ultimate weight loss goal because I am definitely setting up another shoot with these two!

Love them!

Marciela F.

First of all when I decided to do this boudoir photo shoot I was a bit nervous but when I got in touch with Cherie it was amazing. She was very accommodating to scheduling my photo-shoot and also she was very fast at responding to my e-mails every time I had a question. during the photo-shoot Cherie was very friendly and understanding since it was my first time doing this. Cherie and her husband walk me thru the process and both were very patient. I will defiantly do it again and of course will do it them without any hesitation..

Holly Hall
Los Angeles
Marketing Specialist for the Aviation Industry

Cherie & Hedley are literally the only ones I trust to do my professional or personal portrait photography (headshots, wedding, and certainly something as intimate as boudoir!)! They are not only supremely talented, but the ultimate creative DREAM TEAM to work with: At once making you feel like they’re your long time best friends, you will feel entertained, comfortable; coaxed into feeling beautiful and sensual (yet never exploited), and they will quite frankly make you laugh till your belly hurts!

Thanks to their professionalism and decades of personal camaraderie working together (which is nothing short of magic!), they are able to elicit intimate moments from you that translate to…you got it….unbelievably authentic, beautiful photos! You’ll have a great time, be left inspired by their amazing energy, and will be thrilled by the images they capture. Hire them NOW – you won’t regret it!

Alexa Johnson
Los Angeles Schools 

Okay…if you are reading this you and are debating whether to do a boudoir shoot with Cherie, just call her right now and make an appointment.  Cherie and Hedley are the absolute best photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When I got engaged, the first thing I knew I wanted to do for my husband was a boudoir shoot.  I am a VERY conservative person and was extremely nervous about doing a shoot like this. From the very beginning they made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I’m not your average LA size 0, 2 or even 4 girl.  I was worried that the photos wouldn’t come out as I hoped because of my size at the time. Needless to say my worries were put to bed the second these magical artists started shooting. Not only did I look better than I ever have in a photo, I immediately wanted them to do my wedding!!  (Also, Virginia, the make-up artist/hair stylist that Cherie set me up with before the shoot was fantastic as well.)

DON’T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE TO DO A BOUDOIR SHOOT!  LET THE BOUDOIR CAFE DO YOUR BOUDOIR PHOTOS!! The photos and experience are flawless.  Seriously, you get what you pay for. Don’t try to shop around and find someone cheaper. Chances are, they are cheaper for a reason.  I thought so much of Cherie and Hedley that I replaced the photographer I had hired to do our wedding (and had done our engagement photos) with Cherie and her team.  I can’t be more pleased with how talented they are. I was able to get in touch with Cherie anytime I needed anything which is so important for every bride. They are seriously my photographers for life! My wedding photos are magic.  I have so many images that are nothing short of spectacular! LOVE LOVE LOVE CHERIE! Call her today!

Christopher A
Jackson, MS

Absolutely, 100% the best in the business.  No doubt about it.

First off, I don’t think it gets any better than Cherie and Hedley.  I booked a shoot for my wife in Las Vegas recently and it could not have been a better experience.  So this is from my perspective.  Her perspective is listed as well.  From the communication leading up to the shoot to the actual shoot itself and then to communication and promptness afterwards….EVERYTHING has been top notch and highly professional.  I did a ton of research on my own to try to find the best photographers out there.  There was simply no comparison.  Cherie’s work graces numerous national magazine covers.  These folks are not just simply photographers…they are artists.  They’ve got a certain flair and aren’t afraid to try provocative and artistic poses.  And the final results, the pictures themselves are absolutely STUNNING.  Trust me, from the perspective of a husband, it’s worth every bit of time and penny, not just for the pictures, but my wife came out of the shoot with a huge smile on her face and ready to paint the town.  She knew she looked great and had nailed it.  That alone was totally worth it.  I highly recommend anyone considering a Boudoir shoot to contact Cherie.  Do it now.  You will not regret it.  My wife liked it so much, she’s planning another shoot with them soon.  And of course, that makes me happy.  Just read these other reviews and do your research, it is quite clear where the best work is coming from.  Contact Cherie today!

From my wife’s perspective…I had a wonderful experience.  Loved my hair and make up and felt extremely confident and comfortable in front of the camera because of Cherie and Hedley.  It was fantastic and the reaction to my pictures from my husband has been priceless.  Going through the process, you could tell you were working with award winning professionals.  They made the experience very enjoyable and completely relaxing while still encouraging me to push myself and try new things.  It was great.  Only positives here.  Can’t wait to do it again.

The Davidson Photographers Blog

Cherie Steinberg Cote‘s work makes me want to cry it is so freaking good. Her ability to interact with her subjects and bring out the best in them is astounding. While working the WPPI tradeshow about 2 years ago for Printroom, Cherie was a speaker and did a live photo shoot with yours truly and two models. Before I knew it I was posing like Tyrese with these two girls and having an amazing time. I guess the right photographer can make anyone feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.  I try to carry that rapport building and sense of comfort into my own wedding photography. This is why it is so important to make sure you have a great rapport with your subjects before a shoot, especially a wedding.

The moral of the story is that when you combine photographic technical prowess with a ridiculously charming personality and great business savvy, the result is a highly successful photographer respected by their clients and peers alike. Thanks to both of you for what you do. Ok, ok, if you guys really want me to come shoot for you I will check my schedule.

Luda Kane
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for the photos you have forwarded. They are fabulous! I sent them to my mom in Moscow and she said ” Pictures are MAGNIFICENT, you look like a model”. Now, this is the most compliment I have heard from my parents in 31 years of my life combined! Thank you Cherie, for making these incredible memories and making them say those wonderful words to me.

Lesley & Andrew Temple

To anyone who is considering hiring Cherie Steinberg for your photographic needs, I would say, “Don’t wait, book it!” My wife and I have been lucky enough to reap the rewards of Cherie’s amazing work and creative eye, more than once. In each job, she brought her incredibly likeable personality and professional work ethic to the task at hand. I cannot state enough the innumerous compliments we receive when our friends and family view the pictures that Cherie has created with her considerable talents. If you are looking for a photographer that will take it to the next level and give you a product that will exceed your dreams, you need look no further than Cherie. We will never look to anyone else again. We are clients for life!

Jackie Dinh
UCLA Student

Cherie has been absolutely amazing throughout this whole experience.

I’m a college student and wanted to get some boudoir photos done while I’m at this age. After doing some research and comparing some photos, it was clear that Cherie and Hedley were the best in the business! I mean, just look at the photos on their website and instagram page and you’ll know what I mean. I think what convinced me to go with Boudoir Cafe was the fact that their pictures featured women of all ages and body types- yet were all equally stunning, sexy photos.

Cherie was so accommodating and understanding throughout the whole thing and kept reassuring me that  she just wants to make me happy! Before the shoot, she sent a comprehensive guidebook of tips to prepare for the shoot, including lingerie suggestions and health routines, like a true professional!
On the day of the photoshoot, I was pretty nervous, but everyone on set quickly made me feel at ease. The make-up artist was great.

Cherie’s husband, Hedley was shooting alongside her. I didn’t know if I would be totally comfortable with a male photographer, but I assure you, they’re both total professionals and give you nothing to feel uneasy about. It’s really great to have photos of the same poses from different styles and angles.  Both Cherie and Hedley are so amazing and such artists!

Their studio is stunning. There’s a very artsy, sexy, dark vibe to it and you feel like you’re in your own little world. It’s very easy to get lost in the photoshoot because you get so into it! It feels more like you’re shooting fun photos with your trusted best friends, than a photoshoot with people you just met hours beforehand.

The photos all came out even better than I was expecting. Word of advice: If Cherie or Hedley are giving you posing tips on set- heed them! They know what they’re talking about… Cherie’s editing is so artistic. I mean really, she made me look like a piece of art in these photos… I cannot stress this enough- Cherie and Hedley are so talented in what they do.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend booking with Boudoir Cafe. I’m telling all of my friends about them!



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