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12 Aug 2018


When in Vegas do something you have never done before whether it is a #boudoirphotoshoot OR an underwater sexy shoot we do it all!! Out fabulous Lara has mastered the underwater amazing shoot OR a #couplesshoot .... We are commited to make some amazing art of you to definitely put a very large art piece of YOU on your wall where ever that wall might be!!!!! Give us a call 310-935-1000 to discuss your dreams...We can make it happen!!! #boudoirunderwater #underwaterphotoshootlasvegas #2018boudoirphotography #2018 https://sitesave2.25.19.theboudoircafe.com http://cheriefoto.com

11 Aug 2018


The reason every girl needs to do a boudoir shoot is to have that time to reset the sexy button on their life and remember that being a woman is the greatest gift in life that can be given...... We have been revered throughout history since the beginning!! Women have somehow lost their way and because history is now a thing of the past and no one seems to care the ideas and concepts that women are the amazing creatures that are Gods gift to men and the world itself is a forgotten idea. If only the girls of today would read and find the history of women and see how this is such a gift to be shared to everyone. We feel that with every woman that steps through our doors. I know the history and I know how urgent it is to spread this gift of knowledge to the women of today. We must remember and not forget and keep our gifts and be able to sweetly use them for mankind!!! We are the strength of the earth and we have the power and we must know that! I must say that I am not a writer and…

13 Jun 2018


WHAT IS BOUDOIR? The Origin of boudoir started in #France between 1775-85 A woman's bedroom or private sitting room where she can retire to be alone The French word #boudoir literally means to pout or sulk! At the #boudoircafe we like to think of the boudoir as a private #dressingroom for woman where she can hideout when she needs some quiet time to chill.....a woman has the right to be sexy when she wants to be. We encourage all women to take charge of their bodies and build self esteem....as we get ready for summer we want to look our best and a #photoshoot at the cafe is a great way to get started....we have custom packages tailored to your needs...bring a girlfriend between now and the end of summer and we will give you a special deal’ Hedley and Cherie PS We give them a getting ready guide after they have given us deposit … this guide gives you all the information about what to do before your studio date FROM THE DICTIONARY FOR YOUR TOTAL INFORMATION: Origin of Boudoir 1775–85; < French: literally, a sulking place (boud(er) to sulk + -oir -ory2) 1777, "room where a lady may…

06 May 2018


When alot of clients come into the studio and finally meet us for their experience, There is alot of asking who we are and the story about us!! So I thought since I am bringing my website up to date and giving it a facelift I would tell our story before you get into the studio so you feel like you already know us. I find that a lot of women do say that and have read the info on us but here I thought I would put up old photos and highlights of our lives together and tell the what some call a great story for all!! W have always done boudoir photography and shot women right back to the beginning of meeting in Toronto in 1976 (yes way before you all were born!) We were total 70's kids having the time of our life! Don't be jealous but I can see how you might be. The days of Studio 54, Ibiza back in the day, Goa India, being a radio DJ and first woman photographer at a major Toronto newspaper was all part of the story! Not only that but Hedley brought alot of very cool music to…

05 May 2018


Is there a Difference Between Beauty Inspired Personal Portraits and Boudoir Style Photography? There is a difference and it encompasses an entire range of ideas and what is possible. Actually the ideas and feelings and the why we are doing this photo is endless and therefore very exciting. There is Boudoir photography and there is a portrait and between there is what is called Glamour. This leaves the stage open to anything and everything. The middle of this story is more of a Glamor shoot where you would come and have makeup done and shop and get ready for the shoot as you would for boudoir or a more risque shoot but it is in my opinion a more elegant type feeling, more hollywood lighting and style photography!! At the Boudoir Cafe we try to do al three at the same time. So you will be able to put a beautiful portrait on your partners desk or have those steamy photos for private collection only! This should be on every girls bucket list so start finding a great photographer that can capture the real you or the one that resides in you and no one knows that girl!!  Every girl…

04 Apr 2018


Boudoir Cafe are always striving to make amazing photos for our clients and this post is for you to see what can be done with our retouching!!  We first strive to do great pics in the camera while shooting so our retouching makes a great photo even better. That is our philosophy!! here is a small sampling of before and after photos and it give you an idea of what can be done. Any ideas are welcome and we love to make the dreams of our clients a reality.      

13 Mar 2018


I cannot tell you how many women have come to us and told us that this #boudoirphotoshoot was at the top of their #bucketlist  !! It is something that you will never forget and will be so happy that you bit the bullet and called....Let us take iconic images of you so that you will forever have them in your treasure chest of amazing pics of yourself.... We have been busy for the past few months so blogging has taken the back burner but here are a few shots from recent amazing shoots that we have done and had a great time shooting these fabulous women on top of all that....xoxoxoxo   A note for the husbands that are looking for the perfect gift for their wives..This is the ultimate gift for her....She will have a ball and be a different woman when she comes out of the shoot..More confident and sexy!!!