Boudoir Inspiration

24 Apr 2017


We have been getting a lot of men calling us and asking for us to shoot their wives and girlfriends...And it has been really a great feature for us....We love connecting with the recipients of these shoots and hearing from them...We like them being involved if it is not a surprise and hello boys you all know that you want these pics for yourself.....I have many male clients that have totally gotten their girls into it!!!And then they want to shoot their girls over and over and start shopping for them :) We have amazing Gift Certificates and every girl melts at getting it.....I must say it is amazing.....So get on board give us a call and find out about it all....Happy to talk....Cherie

08 Apr 2017


We have so many hot moms these days so a little Queen time and no kid zone is important for mental health!! Why do hot moms need to do a boudoir shoot, because it helps them remember that they are HOT!! The day is an experience for getting your makeup done and feeling very sexy in your hot lingerie and high heels which is not the normal get up on your daily activities.... So be bold and get the hubby to get you in...You know they will love the pics and you will feel differently after the shoot...Jump start you love life with this boudoir shoot and feel all the love you had for each other like before the kids came along....

25 Mar 2017


We always say that all men want their wives and girlfriends to do a boudoir shoot whether the girls know this or not is just education! The answer is a YES!! The men love love love to have these little goodies on their phone to look at them while the day drags on or traveling is a must have. So men we know you want it so lets get on it!! We will make the best package possible to make your girls feel beautiful, loved and adored!! We will make them a Queen for the day.... Call us today to get the ball is one of the most fun things you can do for your women and they will have a ball...... From our Husband Ryan: "The best money I ever spent for my girl." xoxoxoxox Cherie 310-935-1000 Lets talk :)

30 Dec 2016


This is the year to celebrate yourself....After seeing all the images we took for our clients in 2016 we are convinced the very best way to do something amazing for yourself, make a lifetime of cherished pics, make a gift for your husband or boyfriend and bring back your sexy this year this I am convinced is the best way for a woman to feel fabulous about themselves!!! So get those high heels and give us a call and ohhh yea...have the best year ever!!!! Happy New Year.... Looking forward to seeing you do your boudoir shoot with this Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer!!!! “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  - Maya Angelou

30 Sep 2016


Why every Woman needs to have a Boudoir Photo Shoot at least once in her Life Boudoir photo sessions are about making you feel sexy and beautiful, so it would make sense that every woman needs to experience this at least once. Unfortunately in this day and age, women are made to feel that they must look a certain way by society standards but with boudoir, the real you is what makes the photos sexy, not what society says. Boudoir photographers are trained to know how to capture your best assets and angles and make you realize how beautiful you really are. A recent Boudoir client Yvette of Malibu said “I think every woman should do this for herself! Talk about feeling empowered! It was worth every penny.”   In addition to feeling beautiful you should also have a boudoir photo session at least once in your life for these reasons: Encourages you to love yourself Its an excuse to buy cute and sexy lingerie It makes a great gift for the man in your life It will make you feel empowered You will have a memento of your true outer beauty Boudoir sessions are also a great way to celebrate…

03 Aug 2016


The History of Boudoir Photography Boudoir photography has picked up in popularity over the past several years, but there are still those who consider sexy images of the female for to be taboo or inappropriate. To understand the beauty behind that art of boudoir photos and photography, you must know the history. Boudoir art started to come about in the 1920s as an alternative to the illegal activity of nude photographs. As we know from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, “well behaved women seldom make history”, so as with most illegal activities, there were rebels. In this case, photographers got creative and really took the direction of boudoir into a new space by photographing larger women against elaborate backdrops. Then, in the 1940s the focus of boudoir turned from large women to pin-up girls. Pin-up girls would be slightly curvy and wear corsets, men’s ties and stockings. During this time, the incorporation of props into boudoir poses was started. The biggest change in the evolution of the art of boudoir was in the 1970s. It was then that glamour boudoir photography began to be accepted as “professional art” among the artistic community and society. Boudoir photography started to be viewed as more…

07 Jul 2016


Top 10 Boudoir Props to Enhance the Beauty of your Boudoir Photos As explained in our post about the history of boudoir photography, props and accessories started to be incorporated into the images and tasteful photography around the 1940s. The list of boudoir props is endless but we composed a list of our top 10 favorites that are most easily used during glamour photo shoots, but easily accessible. While a boudoir photo of a female with a horse or elephant may create an beautiful image, most of us don’t have horses of elephants conveniently available. Lace or Silk is a stable in boudoir photography. Lace can make any image sexier just by covering the right areas of skin. The tease and anticipation of what is underneath is enough to keep even the most hesitant gazer intrigued. The use of silk is beautiful as it can delicately drape over the female form, accentuating every curve and your natural beauty. In addition, if caught at the right angle, it can even reflect light and catch the glimmer in your eyes. Items representing your significant other’s favorite hobby are becoming more common in glamour photography as a man loves seeing his leading lady…


Here at The Boudoir Café we are always striving to do new and exciting things in the form of making very cool artwork for them!!!  Actually doing this kind of work has also attracted galleries from around the world that love our work and are not selling it worldwide......With all that said it really started with our desire and excitement to make exciting things for our clients..Not just the same old boudoir shots and poses...and photos...So with that said here are a few things that we have been working on to enhance and make the original photos into artwork and totally work on any wall in any home....The way I see it!! Some new ideas....So think about this and think how you would I know love to have some images of yourself that you can have forever....

22 May 2016


Bridal Boudoir Photography There has been a trend for gifting new husbands after the wedding that has become super popular; bridal boudoir photography. Unlike the previous photos and selfies you have sent your significant other, a professional should take your bridal boudoir photos. Many wedding photographers will offer bridal boudoir shoots as an added service, but if your photographer doesn’t offer this service, then most cities offer photographers who specialize in this boudoir photography style. Keep in mind that while these are secret gifts for your new spouse, boudoir is hardly X-rated. Think of it as PG-13 with classic pinup-inspired pictures, or what the professionals call 'implied nudes.' Implied nudes means that while you’re wearing very little (or nothing at all), you don’t show anything either. Picture shots from the back, wrapped in blankets or feather boas and even some photos taken of you on your stomach. Your bridal photographer will be able to advise you on the best poses for your intentions, comfort level and body. But if you want to do nudes that is all OK too!! Remember this is also a gift to yourself!!! You will have these iconic images of yourself forever!! While most boudoir photographers will have…

06 Apr 2016


Lingerie for Every Body…Literally! Lingerie is meant to make a woman feel sexier, but what happens if she doesn’t feel sexy in her own skin due to her physical appearance? The solution is quite simple, lingerie! With so many styles, fabrics and cuts there is a lingerie style for every body type that will accentuate what makes you most beautiful and help hide those things you’re less than happy with. Our friends at 3Wishes have a broad array of pretty much every style lingerie imaginable, including an extensive line for plus sized ladies. We’ve composed the 5 most common physical concerns and features that women have and suggested certain lingerie styles that either draw attention to or away those assets as you’d like. If you have less than what they can “washboard abs”, i.e. a midsection you’d rather keep hidden under a hoodie, than these lingerie styles are for you. Look for something that has sheer or lacey materials draping over the midriff. Make sure its not taught but loosely flowing. Even if you hide your tummy, there are plenty other sexy assets to show off. This red baby doll has a soft and comfortable stretch lace bodice with underwire…