11 Aug 2018


The reason every girl needs to do a boudoir shoot is to have that time to reset the sexy button on their life and remember that being a woman is the greatest gift in life that can be given...... We have been revered throughout history since the beginning!! Women have somehow lost their way and because history is now a thing of the past and no one seems to care the ideas and concepts that women are the amazing creatures that are Gods gift to men and the world itself is a forgotten idea. If only the girls of today would read and find the history of women and see how this is such a gift to be shared to everyone. We feel that with every woman that steps through our doors. I know the history and I know how urgent it is to spread this gift of knowledge to the women of today. We must remember and not forget and keep our gifts and be able to sweetly use them for mankind!!! We are the strength of the earth and we have the power and we must know that! I must say that I am not a writer and…

06 May 2018


When alot of clients come into the studio and finally meet us for their experience, There is alot of asking who we are and the story about us!! So I thought since I am bringing my website up to date and giving it a facelift I would tell our story before you get into the studio so you feel like you already know us. I find that a lot of women do say that and have read the info on us but here I thought I would put up old photos and highlights of our lives together and tell the what some call a great story for all!! W have always done boudoir photography and shot women right back to the beginning of meeting in Toronto in 1976 (yes way before you all were born!) We were total 70's kids having the time of our life! Don't be jealous but I can see how you might be. The days of Studio 54, Ibiza back in the day, Goa India, being a radio DJ and first woman photographer at a major Toronto newspaper was all part of the story! Not only that but Hedley brought alot of very cool music to…

28 Sep 2017


In these days of really fast changes and memories going by so fast, and with the explosion of short videos for social media, I am really thrilled to be a still photographer…..don’t get me wrong, I find myself shooting more and more videos for clients who are asking for it but it also forces me to make more compelling images that tell a story…emotional portraits? This is what we try to portray with our Boudoir Cafe images….Cherie and I are relentlessly pursuing every aspect of the art of creating beautiful images that make connection with all of our subjects! The make up, the clothes, the lighting……..In todays photography world we are involved in every aspect… from the clients phone call or email where Cherie discusses in detail every move on how to prepare for the shoot …..from the selection of her garments to be worn, the poses, and maybe the most important question:  how the images will be viewed in the final product. Yes the times are a changing and in the era of Social Media and of the selfie and smart phones with cameras, peoples photo requirements have changed. Luckily Boudoir photography needs special gear that can’t yet be duplicated with camera phones…Cherie…

14 Jun 2017

Best Boudoir Photographers Los Angeles

Here at The Boudoir Cafe we are very excited that through our photography we also work on empowering the women that we shoot. We know that most of the photos on our website look like models but the truth is they are just regular women of all backgrounds and sizes!!  From start to finish we pamper our clients make them feel totally beautiful. From our expert makeup artists to picking the finished very high end products it is all a really amazing experience. Look forward to being adored and loved!! We are considered some of the best boudoir photographers in LA...BTW From the moment you enter our studio it is another world of playing and dress up and fun!! We have a lot of very fun and exciting accessories and beautiful lighting and sets. We have an amazing guide for getting ready for your shoot and lots of info on where to shop and how to get ready. Once in the studio we are experts at helping you put the outfits together. We also have a lingerie store in Beverly Hills that has the greatest lingerie for shooting and we are happy to go shopping with you!!! We make custom…

06 Jun 2017


We have been shooting a lot and posting so little :(   Sorry busy making artwork of our amazing clientele and sending it all over the world!!!...Such an exciting thing to do iconic images for our girls and then making art of them to be printed and placed on many a fabulous wall around the globe.... We have been shooting so many new clients and interesting things are from couples boudoir to many girlfriend experiences where we get fabulous calls from the boyfriend or husband and then they send their girl to us for an experience of total custom pampering, beauty and fashion overload then onto the boudoir photography shoot portion where every girl after a few maybe awkward moments becomes the sexy siren that we all knew was there..... We are doing a few summer specials so please call as soon as you can to be able to book within the next few weeks....We are doing specials if we have any few days left..... Send your girl or come in for your partner for the best time in LA...It is unforgettable and every girl that shoots with us leaves and usually writes after that their lives were changed and they…

20 May 2017


It suddenly occurred to me as we were shooting our most recent clients this week, that Cherie and I have a very unique shooting style> We shoot side by side with different cameras and different lenses and we get two different perspectives at the same time using a combination flash and continuous light…we are constantly pushing to get the next great shot…all the while making the clients get over their fears of being the subject and being photographed we create a party atmosphere with great music and drink …. …..our last clients were a couple that came to us for a boudoir shoot and we had to think about how to add a man into the mix We have not been shooting couples so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore further #couplesboudoir . Traditionally the men are never on the boudoir set unless he is the photographer….in this case however the man in this couple was very much in love with the woman so the emotion was already there….they had great fashion sense which made our work a little easier  They brought samples of images they were interested in and Champagne with glasses…I could get use to this! Lighting is…

24 Apr 2017


We have been getting a lot of men calling us and asking for us to shoot their wives and girlfriends...And it has been really a great feature for us....We love connecting with the recipients of these shoots and hearing from them...We like them being involved if it is not a surprise and hello boys you all know that you want these pics for yourself.....I have many male clients that have totally gotten their girls into it!!!And then they want to shoot their girls over and over and start shopping for them :) We have amazing Gift Certificates and every girl melts at getting it.....I must say it is amazing.....So get on board give us a call and find out about it all....Happy to talk....Cherie

08 Apr 2017


We have so many hot moms these days so a little Queen time and no kid zone is important for mental health!! Why do hot moms need to do a boudoir shoot, because it helps them remember that they are HOT!! The day is an experience for getting your makeup done and feeling very sexy in your hot lingerie and high heels which is not the normal get up on your daily activities.... So be bold and get the hubby to get you in...You know they will love the pics and you will feel differently after the shoot...Jump start you love life with this boudoir shoot and feel all the love you had for each other like before the kids came along....

30 Dec 2016


This is the year to celebrate yourself....After seeing all the images we took for our clients in 2016 we are convinced the very best way to do something amazing for yourself, make a lifetime of cherished pics, make a gift for your husband or boyfriend and bring back your sexy this year this I am convinced is the best way for a woman to feel fabulous about themselves!!! So get those high heels and give us a call and ohhh yea...have the best year ever!!!! Happy New Year.... Looking forward to seeing you do your boudoir shoot with this Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer!!!! “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  - Maya Angelou

25 Aug 2016


Whether you come to us for a sexy boudoir shoot or a looking fabulous personal portrait the results are the same!!! We are here to empower and make you feel so special and beautiful it is a crime not to do this for yourself!!! Society seems overloaded with images and ideas what it means to look perfect, sexy and beautiful. Just because you are not a size 2 or weigh a certain amount doesn’t make you any less beautiful than another person. Beauty is so much more than skin deep; it is our personalities, experiences, self-confidence and outlook on life that truly makes us beautiful. Lets find the things you love about yourself and focus on those features. When you draw attention away from your “flaws” and focus on your best attributes, you will see your own beauty easier than if you were to focus on your “flaws”. For the record, flaws are only flaws if you make them into something negative. Let us help you turn all that around!! Have a photo shoot for yourself. No, you aren’t conceited in wanting a sexy boudoir shoot for yourself or a fabulous, amazing portrait; in fact you’re showing your inner strength…