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Boudoir Cafe Photography

We are Boudoir Photographers who strive to be the best sensual photography artists in our industry. We keep a very close relationship with our beloved camera makers at Nikon and we are constantly reading and researching camera and photographic lighting techniques. We then put our knowledge to practice in our studio or chosen scenery; our live canvas. Ask anyone, we are fully committed in our projects and photo shoots and our work continues to reflect that. We push ourselves, our cameras and our equipment sometimes to the very limit to obtain a look that is one of a kind.

Hedley and I would love to meet you. We want to send you off with deeply personal photography you will love. No matter how shy you may think you are… you are a beautiful work of art that we’d love to photograph.
– The Boudoir Cafe


Cherie Steinberg

Professional Boudoir Photographer

“My goal when I shoot a woman is to make her feel as comfortable as possible and as beautiful.”

Cherie is a photographer whose passion has been traveling the world and photographing people. Cherie began her career at The Toronto Sun in Canada as the first woman photographer at this major Canadian Newspaper. Among numerous awards over the years, Cherie has been honored with the Canadian Council for the Arts Award, Canada’s equivalent of the National Endowment for the Arts Award. Cherie has travelled the world to over 40 countries. In her international travels, she has captured extraordinary images, which have appeared most recently in Grace Ormonde, The L.A. Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Bride & Bloom Magazine, Los Angeles Weddings, Studio Design & Photography, Towne & Country, WPPI Photography Monthly, Distinctive Magazine, 90210 Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Professional Photographers, Palm Springs Life, Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder Magazine, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Tonight and Nikon World.
She is a Getty Image Stock Photographer whose works are sold worldwide. Cherie was listed by Nikon as “one of the world’s great photographers.” As a Nikon-sponsored photographer, she has appeared as a speaker at industry events for Nikon and other industry trade shows talking to other photographers and sharing her knowledge and love of the craft.


Hedley Jones

Professional Boudoir Photographer

“I enjoy the challenge of lighting each situation to make it look more profound.”

Hedley is an experienced multi-media artist with an impressive array of creative credentials ranging from traditional broadcasting to digital photography . His roots began in the world of music as a musician in Jamaica. He moved to Canada to work with CBC Radio in Toronto, as a Radio Tech and Producer/writer  of two highly acclaimed national Radio programs. As “Deadly Hedley,” he became one of the city’s most loved and respected DJs, introducing audiences to the best in reggae, worldbeat & house music, shaping the musical tastes of a generation of Toronto listeners.  Hedley’s interest in photography started in high school.  He joined the camera club and learned to develop film and make prints.  “When I saw my first image appear I was hooked.”  Hedley has mastered all the important technical aspects of photography especially with regards to the lighting in a boudoir setting.  “The lighting is a very important part to making the “Emotional Connection” with our clients and one of the key factors in our style” As the only male shooter at #theboudoircafe  Hedley is helping to push the boundaries with his dedication to bringing out the beauty in women and his male perspective of this now trending style of photography. He is such a great team player and all the ladies really love having that male, metro sexual perspective!


Lara Solomon

Professional Boudoir Photographer

“I don’t feel like I capture anything in particular but rather a moment, and that is what is real to me.”

Lara is an internationally recognized Los Angeles-based photographer, published by Men’s Fitness, Modern Luxury and The Smithsonian. Born in a youth hostel, she has emerged onto the visual plateau mentored by her industry heroes, such as Joyce Tenneson, James Hickey and James Porto. She has worked and exhibited in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Solomon also has a growing humanitarian profile. She has worked with Sustainable Harvest International in Central America. As an Anthropology graduate of Appalachian State University’s her trademark straight-shooter approach is most authentic and very down to earth and likable.



Professional Boudoir Make-Up & Hair Styling

“I will make sure you look great, turn a mirror to you so you feel more than ready for your shoot.”

Tifani is a vibrant Las Vegas hair and makeup artist who specializes in bringing a personal approach to the art of all things in professional hair and makeup application. Her career in makeup has taken her behind the counters of CHANEL and Sephora. Whether helping a bride, conducting makeup artist workshops or serving as the hair and makeup artist for leading brands and photographers, Tifani is dedicated to creating a beautiful look and an exciting, sincere and educational experience. She is perfect for any Boudoir shoot with her fun and endearing personality!!


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