August 26, 2018 Cherie

Is there a Difference Between Beauty Inspired Personal Portraits and Boudoir Style Photography?

There is a difference and it encompasses an entire range of ideas and what is possible. Actually the ideas and feelings and the why we are doing this photo is endless and therefore very exciting.

There is Boudoir photography and there is a portrait and between there is what is called Glamour. This leaves the stage open to anything and everything. The middle of this story is more of a Glamor shoot where you would come and have makeup done and shop and get ready for the shoot as you would for boudoir or a more risque shoot but it is in my opinion a more elegant type feeling, more hollywood lighting and style photography!! At the Boudoir Cafe we try to do al three at the same time. So you will be able to put a beautiful portrait on your partners desk or have those steamy photos for private collection only! This should be on every girls bucket list so start finding a great photographer that can capture the real you or the one that resides in you and no one knows that girl!!  Every girl has the Venus inside and also some Marilyn Monroe for good measure. Have some fun, be wild be crazy! Enjoy life….

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Boudoir is very personal
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