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26 Aug 2018


Is there a Difference Between Beauty Inspired Personal Portraits and Boudoir Style Photography? There is a difference and it encompasses an entire range of ideas and what is possible. Actually the ideas and feelings and the why we are doing this photo is endless and therefore very exciting. There is Boudoir photography and there is a portrait and between there is what is called Glamour. This leaves the stage open to anything and everything. The middle of this story is more of a Glamor shoot where you would come and have makeup done and shop and get ready for the shoot as you would for boudoir or a more risque shoot but it is in my opinion a more elegant type feeling, more hollywood lighting and style photography!! At the Boudoir Cafe we try to do al three at the same time. So you will be able to put a beautiful portrait on your partners desk or have those steamy photos for private collection only! This should be on every girls bucket list so start finding a great photographer that can capture the real you or the one that resides in you and no one knows that girl!!  Every girl…

12 Aug 2018


When in Vegas do something you have never done before whether it is a #boudoirphotoshoot OR an underwater sexy shoot we do it all!! Out fabulous Lara has mastered the underwater amazing shoot OR a #couplesshoot .... We are commited to make some amazing art of you to definitely put a very large art piece of YOU on your wall where ever that wall might be!!!!! Give us a call 310-935-1000 to discuss your dreams...We can make it happen!!! #boudoirunderwater #underwaterphotoshootlasvegas #2018boudoirphotography #2018 https://sitesave2.25.19.theboudoircafe.com http://cheriefoto.com

04 Apr 2018


Boudoir Cafe are always striving to make amazing photos for our clients and this post is for you to see what can be done with our retouching!!  We first strive to do great pics in the camera while shooting so our retouching makes a great photo even better. That is our philosophy!! here is a small sampling of before and after photos and it give you an idea of what can be done. Any ideas are welcome and we love to make the dreams of our clients a reality.      

13 Mar 2018


I cannot tell you how many women have come to us and told us that this #boudoirphotoshoot was at the top of their #bucketlist  !! It is something that you will never forget and will be so happy that you bit the bullet and called....Let us take iconic images of you so that you will forever have them in your treasure chest of amazing pics of yourself.... We have been busy for the past few months so blogging has taken the back burner but here are a few shots from recent amazing shoots that we have done and had a great time shooting these fabulous women on top of all that....xoxoxoxo   A note for the husbands that are looking for the perfect gift for their wives..This is the ultimate gift for her....She will have a ball and be a different woman when she comes out of the shoot..More confident and sexy!!!

28 Sep 2017


In these days of really fast changes and memories going by so fast, and with the explosion of short videos for social media, I am really thrilled to be a still photographer…..don’t get me wrong, I find myself shooting more and more videos for clients who are asking for it but it also forces me to make more compelling images that tell a story…emotional portraits? This is what we try to portray with our Boudoir Cafe images….Cherie and I are relentlessly pursuing every aspect of the art of creating beautiful images that make connection with all of our subjects! The make up, the clothes, the lighting……..In todays photography world we are involved in every aspect… from the clients phone call or email where Cherie discusses in detail every move on how to prepare for the shoot …..from the selection of her garments to be worn, the poses, and maybe the most important question:  how the images will be viewed in the final product. Yes the times are a changing and in the era of Social Media and of the selfie and smart phones with cameras, peoples photo requirements have changed. Luckily Boudoir photography needs special gear that can’t yet be duplicated with camera phones…Cherie…

06 Aug 2017


WHAT YOU NEED FOR A SUCCESSFUL BOUDOIR SHOOT There are always things that look amazing on film and so I thought I would write this blog to explain how it works…. Certain props and attitudes have to come with you on the day of…. My first recommendation whoever you shoot with is to get professional makeup…Makeup artists are just that Artists…They spend their life thinking about how to make you beautiful and the best products and contouring…..which is good for all of us…LOL… Boudoir photography is all about being sexy and beautiful so when you pick the photographer make sure you feel comfortable with them and feel they can do for you what you want…. It is an experience like no other…I will transform you and make you feel like the sexy thing you were meant to feel….This is a gift for yourself and your partner….It will end up being the thing that is looked at the most by both of you….for years to come….. So when picking outfits for the shoot the key is do you feel sexy and beautiful in it…Remember and outfit could be nude too…There are those women who totally feel sexy nude and why not…We…

01 Aug 2017


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BOOKING A BOUDOIR SESSION WITH US!! IT IS TOTALLY OK TO BE NERVOUS....Most girls are because after all most of us are not in front of the camera for a living...!!  Also you are going outside of your comfort zone!  I promise you that once you get to our studio and talk to us for a few minutes the nervousness will totally disappear and it will blend into OMG I am having the time of my life!!! 2.   YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE 5 - 10 POUNDS TO DO THIS SHOOT!! We ALL have hot spots that we do not like and if you are in a session with a great photographer they will know what areas are of concern and posing will take care of that in a flash!!  Also picking the right lingerie is important as well!! BUT posing with a pro is the key!!   3.  DRESS HOW YOU ARE!! If you love sexy revealing lingerie shoot in that BUT if you are an old shirt kind of girl wear that!! 4. PHOTOSHOP THAT OUT PLEASE!   Want you all to know that photoshop cannot take out everything!! And…

06 Jun 2017


We have been shooting a lot and posting so little :(   Sorry busy making artwork of our amazing clientele and sending it all over the world!!!...Such an exciting thing to do iconic images for our girls and then making art of them to be printed and placed on many a fabulous wall around the globe.... We have been shooting so many new clients and interesting things are from couples boudoir to many girlfriend experiences where we get fabulous calls from the boyfriend or husband and then they send their girl to us for an experience of total custom pampering, beauty and fashion overload then onto the boudoir photography shoot portion where every girl after a few maybe awkward moments becomes the sexy siren that we all knew was there..... We are doing a few summer specials so please call as soon as you can to be able to book within the next few weeks....We are doing specials if we have any few days left..... Send your girl or come in for your partner for the best time in LA...It is unforgettable and every girl that shoots with us leaves and usually writes after that their lives were changed and they…

20 May 2017


It suddenly occurred to me as we were shooting our most recent clients this week, that Cherie and I have a very unique shooting style> We shoot side by side with different cameras and different lenses and we get two different perspectives at the same time using a combination flash and continuous light…we are constantly pushing to get the next great shot…all the while making the clients get over their fears of being the subject and being photographed we create a party atmosphere with great music and drink …. …..our last clients were a couple that came to us for a boudoir shoot and we had to think about how to add a man into the mix We have not been shooting couples so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore further #couplesboudoir . Traditionally the men are never on the boudoir set unless he is the photographer….in this case however the man in this couple was very much in love with the woman so the emotion was already there….they had great fashion sense which made our work a little easier  They brought samples of images they were interested in and Champagne with glasses…I could get use to this! Lighting is…

08 Apr 2017


We have so many hot moms these days so a little Queen time and no kid zone is important for mental health!! Why do hot moms need to do a boudoir shoot, because it helps them remember that they are HOT!! The day is an experience for getting your makeup done and feeling very sexy in your hot lingerie and high heels which is not the normal get up on your daily activities.... So be bold and get the hubby to get you in...You know they will love the pics and you will feel differently after the shoot...Jump start you love life with this boudoir shoot and feel all the love you had for each other like before the kids came along....