10 boudoir photography tips

25 Jan 2016


Thats right... We have a closet and you can raid it... Get anything you want to make the coolest outfit ever whether it is for Boudoir, Glamour, Portraits, Sexy, Fetish, Sexy Fetish or Glam OR whatever you want to call it!!!...You can raid our closet and get that shoot you have always wanted to do......Experience being pampered, adored, loved and fussed over and feeling amazing at the end of it all and have an iconic image of yourself that you will LOVE forever!!!! When you book with us we let u come over and look and reserve anything you want for the day!!! From head to toe we have it...... HURRY!! Pull out all the stops!! Going back to our Roots!!!!! If you are a girl or a transgender wanting to be a girl or you just want to feel sexy,  we are your one stop shop....... Why stop at Boudoir!!! w  We have a closet full of sexy things from #lingerie to #eveninggowns, to help bring out your sexy. We are full of ideas but if you have an idea we will try to execute it…. Let's talk about it......We live to be creative and have fun while we create…

09 Jun 2015


Emotional connection!!! Hello darlings! This is Cherie again, with some important info about the process of boudoir photography for you. It's about what goes on emotionally as you take a boudoir photograph. Some women come into the process scared, or nervous. And I want to make it known that you don't have to be -- at all. You already have the tools and strength to create a stunning photograph inside you. You may just not have known it yet. When you're taking a boudoir photograph, there are 3 very important emotional connections going on. These are connections that happen naturally, and have just been lying dormant inside you. Think of yourself as a smoking hot volcano about ready to bubble and blow. Take a little peek-a-boo: Emotional Connection Between You & The Photographer Before our specialized Boudoir Cafe session, my partner Hedley Jones and I put all our effort into pampering you to feel like a queen. You are coiffed, powdered, adored until you feel -- from head to toe -- the perfection you truly are. We talk to you about your interests, and your special someone's interests. About what your favorite parts of you are, what their favorite parts…

08 Oct 2014

How all women can take stunning Boudoir photos at a shoot

How all women can take stunning Boudoir photos at a shoot with any photographer.... Here at The Boudoir Café we are always trying to educate women so that they will look their best... Here is to helping all women take GREAT Boudoir photographs & how to get the best out of their Boudoir photographer.... How to shoot no matter where they are and or who the photographer is.... Tip: Remember to tell your photographer what your favorite body part is so they can focus on that...We all have that special part or parts that we love or our guy loves...So why not bring that up...Fast!!!! Join me on Instagram: Cherie Steinberg Boudoir Cafe