best gift for your girlfriend

20 May 2017


It suddenly occurred to me as we were shooting our most recent clients this week, that Cherie and I have a very unique shooting style> We shoot side by side with different cameras and different lenses and we get two different perspectives at the same time using a combination flash and continuous light…we are constantly pushing to get the next great shot…all the while making the clients get over their fears of being the subject and being photographed we create a party atmosphere with great music and drink …. …..our last clients were a couple that came to us for a boudoir shoot and we had to think about how to add a man into the mix We have not been shooting couples so this seemed like a good opportunity to explore further #couplesboudoir . Traditionally the men are never on the boudoir set unless he is the photographer….in this case however the man in this couple was very much in love with the woman so the emotion was already there….they had great fashion sense which made our work a little easier  They brought samples of images they were interested in and Champagne with glasses…I could get use to this! Lighting is…

24 Apr 2017


We have been getting a lot of men calling us and asking for us to shoot their wives and girlfriends...And it has been really a great feature for us....We love connecting with the recipients of these shoots and hearing from them...We like them being involved if it is not a surprise and hello boys you all know that you want these pics for yourself.....I have many male clients that have totally gotten their girls into it!!!And then they want to shoot their girls over and over and start shopping for them :) We have amazing Gift Certificates and every girl melts at getting it.....I must say it is amazing.....So get on board give us a call and find out about it all....Happy to talk....Cherie

25 Mar 2017


We always say that all men want their wives and girlfriends to do a boudoir shoot whether the girls know this or not is just education! The answer is a YES!! The men love love love to have these little goodies on their phone to look at them while the day drags on or traveling is a must have. So men we know you want it so lets get on it!! We will make the best package possible to make your girls feel beautiful, loved and adored!! We will make them a Queen for the day.... Call us today to get the ball is one of the most fun things you can do for your women and they will have a ball...... From our Husband Ryan: "The best money I ever spent for my girl." xoxoxoxox Cherie 310-935-1000 Lets talk :)