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30 Sep 2016


Why every Woman needs to have a Boudoir Photo Shoot at least once in her Life Boudoir photo sessions are about making you feel sexy and beautiful, so it would make sense that every woman needs to experience this at least once. Unfortunately in this day and age, women are made to feel that they must look a certain way by society standards but with boudoir, the real you is what makes the photos sexy, not what society says. Boudoir photographers are trained to know how to capture your best assets and angles and make you realize how beautiful you really are. A recent Boudoir client Yvette of Malibu said “I think every woman should do this for herself! Talk about feeling empowered! It was worth every penny.”   In addition to feeling beautiful you should also have a boudoir photo session at least once in your life for these reasons: Encourages you to love yourself Its an excuse to buy cute and sexy lingerie It makes a great gift for the man in your life It will make you feel empowered You will have a memento of your true outer beauty Boudoir sessions are also a great way to celebrate…

02 Nov 2015


Calling All Photographers!!!!! As we begin November, I have a very exciting announcement to make… Hedley and I will be speaking at Mystic Seminars in Portland, Oregon this January!! We are so so so excited to be a part of this wonderful selection of very talented photographers. We are teaching a 1 hour seminar specifically on boudoir photography at Mystic. Because boudoir is a rising trend, and The Boudoir Café are some of the best of the best in West, we have been selected as the speakers for the event. Not only do we feel very honored, but we are very proud to share our knowledge of boudoir photography so photographers everywhere can start spreading this amazing, inspiring, special brand of photography to lucky girls everywhere. Hedley and I will also be doing our 1 day seminar on Saturday, January 11th 2016. The seminar takes place at a Hotel close to the Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon (walking distance). All the info about it is right here, in this post! Please look at everything we are covering... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Award winning Boudoir photographers from Beverly Hills, CA  Cherie Steinberg & Hedley Jones are very excited to offer a 1 day seminar  full…

27 Sep 2015


Happy autumn darlings! Sooo not only is The Boudoir Cafe the #1 best boudoir photographer in LA, we also happen to be one of the top general photographers as well! Yes, our boudoir is renowned --- but so is the work of our other photo studio, CherieFoto. My style -- and indeed the style of Hedley and everyone on our wonderful team -- tends to the innovative, the imaginative, the whimsical, and (often) reaches into the deep recesses of the sublime. Truly, there is no one word that can define our aesthetic. Every photograph is different, every photograph reveals a new realm of art. One of the most intriguing subjects in art has been, and continues to be, the art of the portrait. Ever since human beings learned to draw, they began to draw the individuals around them. It speaks to our unending desire to learn about others, to draw them closer to ourselves, to glimpse into what is unknown to us: the workings of a human being. Portraits, in and of themselves, have layers upon layers upon layers of meaning. From the pose to the facial expression and all the way to the background, within a portrait is hidden…

The best lashes on the planet, Best Lashes LA!!
The best lashes on the planet, Best Lashes LA!!
20 Aug 2015


Hi boudoir beauties! As you may know, The Boudoir Cafe does a full hair and makeup session just for you before your boudoir photoshoot. During makeup, one question Hedley, me, and our makeup artiste always get asked is, "Where in the world do you, and the girls you photograph, get such long, full, amazing lashes?" Usually, for most boudoir photo sessions, our team at The Boudoir Cafe sees girls come in asking for fake lashes; or have gotten eyelash extensions beforehand (especially if it's for a special occasion like a wedding.) Our makeup artiste personally prefers the fake eyelashes. They add volume and sexiness in a pinch! You can bat those beauties at the camera for hours! But, while both fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions have both been on the market for quite a while (and have some proven great results -- as you can see from many of our photos) they do have their downsides. The thing about these two products is: 1. Fake lashes are just that: fake. They are glued on, and they fall off. Yes, they will stay on for the duration of your shoot (and probably for the rest of the day); and The Boudoir…

14 Aug 2015


Hi loves! The Boudoir Cafe team always gets asked this question: what is the difference between pin-up and boudoir? Understandably, it's easy to get confused between pin-up and boudoir. They are both sexy, tasteful photographs done in a fun photoshoot environment, and they are both meant to help you find that sexy side of yourself. Except there are a few key differences between pin-up and boudoir. When we say pin-up, we are taken back to the early 1900's, when these photos first became popular. As a result of the sexual repression of the previous eras -- and the dawning of this first sexually-accepting one -- pin-up photos became popular. "Pin-up" refers to photos of women that are meant to be pinned up on walls, to be admired. It was burlesque performers who first started this trend of posing for pin-up photos, in order to advertise themselves. The pin-up photos of course did not bare too much nudity, as this was still a taboo. The girls were mostly clothed (though the outfits are noticeably tight and formfitting) and were usually in a playful pose; and instead used a certain glance (usually one of surprise) to signify the true, underlying meaning of…


Hello beautiful ladies (and gents!!) Boudoir photography, along with bridal boudoir and pin-up photos, are spreading across California and waaaaaaaay beyond, with so many different styles of boudoir from classic pin-up style to glamorous to tease to kink, The Boudoir Cafe has made a name for itself in class, glamour, and a unique style that caters to every woman's (and man's) inner desires. A little bit more about us (if ya didn't already know)... Boudoir photography, pin-up photos and bridal boudoir photography by The Boudoir Cafe of Beverly Hilla, California is a popular, professional boudoir, pin-up and bridal boudoir portrait photographers company serving a majority of the Cali area. We specialize in boudoir portrait photography, and strive to branch out in this genre. Our specialized team of boudoir photographers (including my partner Hedley and I) strive to give a classic pin-up and boudoir look with every photography session, but also look to create a special look based on your body type, level of comfort, and the poses you feel the most beautiful in. It is our professional, Boudoir Cafe ~ boudoir portrait photography that gives women a personal, boudoir look into their most feminine, beguiling side. From noir to sexy to tease and beyond, we capture your inner boudoir girl in every boudoir portrait photography session. We do so many lovely services here at The Boudoir Cafe, that it understandably makes a lot of people's head spin. That's why I decided to create this helpful little list of commonly asked questions! Below, you should find a list of answers that me, my partner Hedley, and my team are more than happy to provide just for you. Q. Do we provide the lingerie for the boudoir shoot? A: No we do not provide lingerie for hygienic reasons. But we do provide…