May 6, 2018 Cherie

When alot of clients come into the studio and finally meet us for their experience, There is alot of asking who we are and the story about us!! So I thought since I am bringing my website up to date and giving it a facelift I would tell our story before you get into the studio so you feel like you already know us. I find that a lot of women do say that and have read the info on us but here I thought I would put up old photos and highlights of our lives together and tell the what some call a great story for all!!

W have always done boudoir photography and shot women right back to the beginning of meeting in Toronto in 1976 (yes way before you all were born!)

We were total 70’s kids having the time of our life! Don’t be jealous but I can see how you might be. The days of Studio 54, Ibiza back in the day, Goa India, being a radio DJ and first woman photographer at a major Toronto newspaper was all part of the story! Not only that but Hedley brought alot of very cool music to Toronto back in the day and i started at the paper doing a column called The Sunshine Boy where I ran all over the city finding cute boys to photograph for the feature to compete with the Sunshine Girl column!!

It starts when I had been dating a now very famous journalist but we it was getting to serious for me and so we broke up. I decided I needed a break so Jamaica became the place that I went and let loose and swallowed my tears….Hahaha….i had a ball. My partner David in the photography business had moved the studio while I was gone to a new very cool location yes in an old warehouse, the places movies are made about. As I walked up the stairs to our new home away from home and new studio I heard OMG reggae music! Could I be hearing things. I followed the Bob Marley song to a steel door which I opened and came through to say hello. Well how could I not. There sitting looking confused and adorable was Mr Jones. i was young and talkative let’s just say it that way and blurted out that I had just come back from the amazing vacay to Jamaica and OMG are you Jamaican I said. Well it was ll fast and furious because and then I left for my studio which was miraculously next door. It was the beginning of a great friendship. Well after all we were both blessed with press passes and very busy people but it did not stop us from talking everyday almost about what we did the night before and Hedley honestly not being able to keep his hands to himself. BUT all in total fun and shear joy!

After 3 years of this fun and getting to know a lot about each other we did it…Had a date, but i stood him up. LOL. To long for a blog. But after we saw each other we started dating for the year of our lives. The most fun everyone should have. We dated until I had a dream come true of traveling the world. Yes I got an arts grant to be able to travel and photograph for them. I jumped at this opportunity and left Toronto and was on the road for 7 years! My life took many turns over the next 25 years but Hedley was never forgotten and I finally went back to get him. Yup it happened and we kind of picked up where we left off. Shooting women was always our thing and together. it was the thing that made us the happiest. Thus The Boudoir Cafe and our life in LA.We got married finally in 2014 at Burning Man and live for our art and making women feeling very good about themselves, one girl at a time!!!!

Below is a bunch of pics I gathered from our newspapaer/radio days till today! I hope you enjoy this blog.

Cherie & Hedley



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